Silver PM Program

  1. Verify if Lockout / Tagout Procedure Completed.
  2. Make Walk Around Inspection of Complete Installation.
  3. Check Fuel Level in the Main Tank.
  4. Check Flexible Fuel Lines and/or Gas Piping Where Applicable.
  5. Check for Water in Fuel System.
  6. Check for Leaks in Complete Fuel System.
  7. Check Oil Level.
  8. Check for Oil Leaks.
  9. Check Coolant Level and Condition.
  10. Check Radiator Core for Obstructions.
  11. Check Condition of Radiator Cap and Seal.
  12. Check Belts and Adjust Belt Tension.
  13. Check Flexible Water Connections.
  14. Check for Coolant Leaks.
  15. Check for Proper Operation of Jacket Water Heater(s).
  16. Check Rain Protection on Exhaust System.
  17. Check Flexible Exhaust Coupling.
  18. Top Off Electrolyte Levels / Check All Battery String Readings.
  19. Check Battery Voltage.
  20. Check Alternator Charge Rate.
  21. Check Battery Charger Operation.
  22. Check Air Cleaner Indicator and Filter(s).
  23. Check Unit Operation: Volts Hertz Oil PSI Water Temp
  24. Check Inlet and Discharge Louvers for Proper Operation.
  25. Check for Abnormal Noise and/or Vibration.
  26. Check for Abnormal Exhaust Characteristics.
  27. Visually Inspect Complete Ignition System (Natural Gas Units)
  28. Check Suction Lines and Plugs for leaks (Natural Gas Units).
  29. Check Rotor Air Gap, Inspect Rotor and Stator for Damage, Excessive Oil and / or Dirt Build-Up.
  30. Strap and Tape any Wiring or Generator Leads that have Rubbing or Worn Insulation.
  31. Test Safeties and Pre-Alarms on Control and Anunciator Panels, and Perform Operational check of Illumination of Safety Lamps and Engine Interface Module where Applicable.
  32. Transfer ATS to Alternate Source (If Allowed by Customer).
  33. Take Oil Sample for Analysis.

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