Sub-Compact Tractors

GC1700 ThumbnailGC1700 Series (22-25 hp)

Think of the Massey Ferguson GC1700 Series as the Swiss Army knife of compacts, offering bigger tractor features in just the right size.? With up to 25 gross engine horsepower and unmatched versatility, these easy-to-drive, multi-tasking workhorses can handle everything from mowing, loading and backhoe work to snow blowing and more.? So if you’re ready for a real tractor, check out the GC1700 Series.? It’ll give you all its got—and then some.


Compact Tractors

Massey Ferguson 1500 Series1500 Series (24-24- hp)

A versatile workhorse, the MF1526 is a small, compact tractor with a mid PTO for more application versatility.? This one’s built especially for a new generation of landowners and hobby farmers who want a tractor that’s as hardworking and no-nonsense as they are.? Ideal for loader work, mowing and snow blowing — with the ability to handle box blade work, tilling, post hole digging and numerous other jobs.


Massey Ferguson 1700E Series1700E Series (24-40 hp)

If you’re looking for a compact that’s a no-nonsense workhorse with up to 38.5 gross engine horsepower, the Massey Ferguson 1700E Series is the tractor for you.? Simply put—we’ve gone back to the basics to help you come out ahead.? 1700E models feature a 540 RPM rear PTO and Category 1 3-point hitch as standard equipment to power a wide variety of mounted or towed implements.


Massey Ferguson 1700M1700M Series (35-59)

If you’re looking for a tractor that’s equal parts compact and workhorse, step up to our 1700M Series. You’ll get a machine that works as hard as bigger tractors, with the versatility and ease-of-use you’ve come to expect from a compact. And a premium operator station that’ll have you working in optimal comfort, whether it’s for an hour or for the whole day.


Utility Tractors

Massey Ferguson 2600H Series2600H Series (45-74 hp)

Whether you’re a full- or part-time farmer, landscaper, contractor or just someone who needs to get things done, a 2600H Series tractor is your ideal partner.? The Massey Ferguson 2600H Series is a rugged line of tough and dependable utility tractors.? These tractors feature everything you expect in a Massey Ferguson – steel hood, fenders and platform for rugged durability and high-capacity hydraulics for loader and implement work.


Massey Ferguson 2700E Series2700E Series (49-57 hp)

Combining the practicality of a compact tractor with the functionality of a utility tractor, the versatile 2700E Series is ideal for loader work, rotary cutting or any other rear PTO job that needs doing.? And while these easy-to-operate tractors combine just the right mix of modern-day innovation, value and comfort, at their core remains the heart and soul of their founders.


Massey Ferguson 4700 Series4700 Series (80-100 hp)

Utility goes heavy-duty in the new 4700 Series. ?These tractors are built extra tough to handle bigger jobs with added stability and comfort.? It’s also built to be easy to use and comfortable to operate.? From the ground up, these tractors are engineered for smart, ergonomic, long-lasting operation.? Because even though the work is tough, your tractor should never be hard on you.


Mid-Range Tractors

5700 Series (100-110 hp)

The new 5700 Series from Massey Ferguson? has been tested in many of the toughest environments around the world. And these tractors are uniquely designed for more power to pull heavier implements, while still being nimble enough to maneuver almost anywhere. You get the versatility and ease-of-use you need to feel right at home during a long day’s work.

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Massey Ferguson 5700SL Series5700SL Series (110-130 hp)

The Massey Ferguson 5700SL Series, with a new sleek, shorter hood and stylish, cutting-edge design, are premium workhorses that provide best-in-class visibility.? They also offer the high performance and unmatched comfort you’re looking for, all in a smaller 110–130 max engine HP package.? Plus, the 5700SL Series features dozens of premium options that allow you to customize the tractor specifically to your wants and needs.

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6700 Series (120-130 hp)

The new Massey Ferguson? 6700 Series tractors are unlike any mid-range we’ve ever built before, engineered from the ground up, then tested in the harshest conditions around the world, for more powerful, versatile, long-lasting operation. These machines are purpose-built to provide unmatched lift capacity and the power to pull heavier implements through the toughest jobs, with the next-level comfort of our deluxe cab and features.

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6700S Series (140-160 hp)

Purpose-built to be our premium mid-range tractor, the 6700S Series gives you the four-wheel power and performance you need, the comfort and easy operation you want, and the versatility to get the job done. Whatever the job may be.? You can be sure your tractor will give you what you need to make your operation run at peak efficiency, reliably and hassle-free.

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High Horsepower Row Crop Tractors

Massey Ferguson 7700 Series7700 Series (110-255 hp)

The Massey Ferguson 7700 Series tractor has high-horsepower performance, but in a frame package that incorporates the agility, versatility and price point of a mid-range tractor.? Powerful, reliable and easy to operate, these tractors easily jump from tillage, planting and harvesting to lugging, baling and loader work.? And with a wide choice of power, transmissions, cab specifications, hydraulics and PTO options, you can adapt these rugged tractors to conquer whatever tasks you face.

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