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Construction?is at the center of community and growth, and people are the core to getting construction work done. However, there has been a marked decline of workers in the construction industry ever since the recession, 10 years ago.? At that time, when there was less work, many construction workers trained for other jobs or retired.? As a result, as construction?work picked up, we now find there is a shortage of workers.? There are about 143,000 open construction jobs today, across the nation. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, March 2018).? Plus, not enough new workers are entering the industry to replace those who are retiring, which is quickly making matters worse.

Why has this happened??

We are in a generation where students are getting less exposure to career opportunities in construction.? With fewer family members involved in construction over the past decade, interest in construction jobs declined.? There was also a decades-old shift in most high schools to remove construction-oriented classes like “Wood Shop” in order to support newer technology courses and trends.

This skills gap is creating a strong focus on the need to bring more young people and skilled workers to fill the needs for the various roles within the construction industry.? I Build America is a movement designed to create this awareness, by showing the advantages and opportunities within the industry.

I Build America is a movement to generate pride and respect for the construction industry, and to recruit young people into the industry as a rewarding and valuable career.

The construction industry is the nation’s largest single industry, employing more people and contributing more money to America’s bottom line than any other single industry.? Many individuals can get started through an apprenticeship program such as our Think BIG program.? An apprenticeship provides an opportunity for a high school graduate to earn money while learning a highly skilled trade from a master craftsman. Apprenticeships are truly a “earn while you learn” program.

There are many types of career opportunities available, and many individuals in construction careers report having no college debt, good jobs, good income, with great benefits.? Students go on to become equipment operators, technicians, designers, operating engineers, project engineers, superintendent, business owners, and more.

Want to learn more?? I Build America is a movement you can follow online, and on social media.
In Ohio, you can follow I Build America – Ohio.

Whether you have a related career and are interested in work, or if you know a student who would benefit from a construction career, you can learn more at I Build America.

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