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Distance Learning Opportunities

Caterpillar? has developed the following courses to help with the development and training of your staff. During this time, your staff can earn CEU credits through remote web based learning.

Available Courses:

? Tier 4 Final Emissions Regulations for Electric Power
? Rating Definitions & Load Factor
? Paralleling Strategy (EPNA)
? (EMCP 4 Controls) Genset Controls Technology
? IBC Seismic and Wind Load Compliance for Non-Structural Building Component
? EMCP 4.4 – On Package Paralleling Controls
? Disaster Preparedness & Maintenance Considerations
? SpecSizer 101: Getting Started
? ATS Basics
? Cooling Gensets
? Microgrid Overview
? Microgrids: Solar Radiation and Sunlight
? Microgrids: Photovoltaics and Modules
? Microgrids: PV System Design
? Gas Gensets in Standby Applications
? Generator Basics
? Application & Installation of Diesel Gensets
? Gas Gensets in Utility Applications
? Comparing Gas vs. Diesel Gensets in Standby Applications
? Understanding Genset Noise
? Generator Set Sound 101
? Remote Electric Power Management